Infographic Animation

Infographic animations are best suited to projects where time is at a premium and a lot of information and/or data has to be covered in an engaging and interesting way.

Example uses of infographic animations include; annual reports, social media marketing and education.

Explainer Video Animation

Explainer videos are our most popular option. Typically they focus on describing the USP’s and features of a serivce or product. These videos are primarily used in online marketing and internal communications.

Typically explainer videos include character elements to bring to life the problems and solutions being discussed in a real world situation.

Live Action and Animation Hybrid

This style incorporates live action footage or stills with motion graphics. This can be useful for bringing excitement to traditional “piece to camera” pieces, or for adding supporting information on screen.

We offer full crew for live action filming, as well as access to various stock libraries for both video footage and photography in all industries.